The Line of Fashion


With a sure, knowing line, a whoosh of color – a look, an attitude, even an era can be defined. This is the power of fashion illustration. The line can capture the very spirit of the time, the look, the feel, even the sound of it. The final effect is one that no camera can duplicate. But where has it gone? In the foreword to Susan Mulcahy’s book on the great illustrator Kenneth Paul Block, Yves Saint Laurent bemoans the loss of the genre. “It is a pity but today there are no more fashion illustrators. For however much I admire photographers, I have to admit their work is done to the detriment of the design. It is often the background that takes pride of the place. In the case of an illustration, it is the opposite. The design is well and truly present and alive. I remember all those fashion drawings I so admired.
Kenneth, Eric, Joe Eula, Antonio Lopez and many others were for so long the painstaking partners of couturiers. They all showed themselves to be true artists.” With the exhibition “The Line of Fashion”, opening on April 1 and running through May 2, the Society of Illustrators in association with The Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation pays tribute to Kenneth Paul Block, Rene Bouche, Antonio, Eric, Joe Eula, JC Leyendecker, Mel Odom, George Stavrinos, Michael Vollbracht and many other great fashion artists who wait patiently for the world’s great museums to open their doors and welcome them.

~ by larausluer on June 18, 2009.

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